Baracao is bounded on its northern side by the Atlantic, while mountains, rivers and forests bound the city in all other directions. It is quite isolated which makes it all the more attractive to tourists. Baracao is considered one of Cuba’s fascinating destinations. The various local landmarks such as the flat-topped El Yunque are quite spectacular. Each April, the commemoration of Cuba’s War of Independence is aptly celebrated with a pulsating street festival.

Changüí music is unique of Baracoa. Music lovers appreciate the sound as it echoes and resonates through the villages of Yateras and Virginia. Tumba Francesca is a Creole dance influenced by French minuet and this is danced enthusiastically in Baracoa during festivals and celebrations.

The mountains of Baracoa have its share of verdant rainforests which thousands of flora and fauna species some of which are rare or endangered, call home. The landscape of Baracao is diverse as one part thrives with semi-arid cactus, another side has lush mountain plantation while the other side overlooks the crystal clear sea. A drive through Baracao is a rewarding activity in itself. Not to be missed is the Cuchillas del Toa, a UNESCO biosphere reserve which encompass Alejandro de Humboldt National Park and the spectacular 17-meter high Saltadero Waterfall.

Must Try

Cucurucho is a local delicacy sold by vendors along the main highway of La Farola. This delicacy is a mixture of honey, coconut, banana and mango wrapped in a palm frond. The melt-in-your-mouth dessert is a must try!