Called the Pearl of the South, Cinfuego is quaint waterfront city on Cinfuego Bay. For centuries, the city has lived up to its moniker; thanks to its scenic and natural backdrop.

Diving buffs are pulled to explore Notre Dame, a unique formation of coral columns that provides a wonderful opportunity to explore an undersea labyrinth. The tranquil waters of the Atlantic are perfect for boat activities such as boating, sailing and kayaking.

Cinfuego was once a French enclave and this is still manifested in its distinctive culture. There is a number of architecturally exceptional structures declares as UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2005. The palatial and opulent Cultural Center is host to musical and theatrical after-school productions of local students.

Of historical importance is the fortress built to protect the city from pillaging pirates back in the days. Castillo de Jagua remains one of Cuba’s significant military structures. Local legend tells of ghostly Lady dressed in a blue brocade gown haunting the castle.

Did you know?

Benny Moré, the legendary Cuban musician, grew up in Santa Isabel de las Lajas, a township near Cinfuego. His place of birth is now a museum, venue of the yearly traditional festival organized by the Cabildo de Congos.