Pinar del Río

Cuban cigar is reputedly the best in the world. The tobacco plantation in Pinar del Rio, in the western part of Cuba, cultivates the finest tobacco in Cuba. Tobacco plantations in Pinar del Rio are not its only attractions as peppering its flat plains are mogotes or rounded limestone mountains. The sceneries of Pinar del Rio are straight out of a picture book what with those Cuban cowboys roving about quaint villages amidst spectacular backdrop of mountain ranges and tropical forests.

There are plenty of things to do in Pinar del Rio. Interested to witness how fine cigar is made? Book a factory tour. Keen to taste the regional favorite drink guava liqueur? There are tours to brandy plant to see how the local Guayabita del Pinar is concocted.

Hikers and nature lovers will find the Las Terrazas Resort attractive. The resort is sustainable community with access to mountain hiking trails that point to mineral springs, waterfalls, and coffee plantations that are part of Cuban history and culture.

Soroa is home to more than 750 species of orchids. El Salto Waterfall is breathtakingly beautiful. Guests can swim, dive, snorkel and do some caving in El Salto. Then there are the beaches of Pinar del Rio’s Keys. With its secluded beaches, coral gardens and crystal clear waters, Pinar del Rio is a fantastic destination.

Pinar del Rio boasts of places that are UNESCO protected. Valle de Viñales is a World Heritage Site. Peninsula de Guanahacabiles and Sierra del Rosario are considered biosphere reserves.

What to Do

You can spend an hour of your time watching workers skillfully hand-rolling cigars at a cigar factory such as Francisco Donation. Guayabita del Pinar is a great-tasting guava liqueur thus should not be missed.