Santa Lucía

Located on the Camagüey Province’s northern coast is Santa Lucia, a 21 km long, wide beach that boasts of powdery golden-white sand kissed by the calm and warm, turquoise blue waters. The beach front is protected by a coral reef some 2 km from shore. The abundance of flora and fauna is matched by the wide variety of marine life. Divers revel on exploring sunken ships that date back to the 19th century,

Cayo Sabinal is just a stone’s throw away from Santa Lucia. The natural resources found in Cayo Sabinal are worth the time and effort. It was reputed to be a sanctuary for pirates back in the days as the tiny island has pockets of beaches safe from the human eyes and the elements. Today, the place is still pristine and has an abundance of wildlife. Some of the local attractions are the Colón Lighthouse, one of the oldest functional lighthouse in Cuba, and San Hilario Fort.

What to See

The flat marshlands of Santa Lucia has its share of beautiful lagoons inhabited by flamingoes. The area is perfect for bike riding with friends.