Varadero, with the blue, serene Atlantic waters lapping on the glistening white sands while the cool tropical breeze gently wafts on its shore, is deemed the world’s greatest beach. The site presents a picture-perfect backdrop for resorts of all kinds, ranging from family-friendly to exclusive, all-inclusive and more.

Water sports enthusiasts will find Varadero well-equipped and ready to handle every known water sports. From relaxing snorkeling in shallow waters to deep scuba diving, to swimming with the dolphins, Varadero has it all. There is a beautiful, world-class golfing range at the Varadero Golf Club open for enthusiasts. A hike to Ambrosio Cave is a fitting activity for history buffs. For those seeking the ultimate in pampering and relaxation, spas that pepper Varadero is the answer.

There are more than beaches in Varadero. Zapata Peninsula presents the perfect location for an excursion. It is the biggest wetland reserve in the whole Caribbean and is a must-see option. A hike along Varahicos ecological reserve affords an opportunity to observe a wonderful array of exotic birds and trek along lush mountain trails. A visit to the Athens of Cuba, Matanzas, presents an opportunity a closer inspection of the opulent lives led by famous European writers and poets who lived in the city during the mid-19th century.

Must Try

You must enjoy a refreshing cocktail of gaurapo while relaxing on the beach. This famous drink is a concoction of sugar cane juice, white rum and ice. Boost your energy with a rich cup of Cuban coffee. Serve piping hot and black as espresso shot, this aromatic, homegrown coffee drink is lightly sweetened.